Methane Reforming

Microwave Energy for Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production

Maat Energy is developing a novel Atmospheric Microwave Plasma (AMP) System for the pyrolysis of methane (CH4 2H2 + C(s)), with carbon as a value-added byproduct. Our technology enables operation at lower temperature by the use of a gas-phase catalyst in the plasma region. 

Currently, commercial hydrogen is produced by steam-methane reforming (SMR), at a cost of < $2.0 / kg H2.  However, SMR has high carbon intensity.  While electrolysis is an environmentally friendly method for hydrogen production, the cost of hydrogen generation using electrolysis is typically > $4.0 / kg H2. Maat Energy’s technology reduces the required power by 75% compared to electrolysis. Our goal is the production of low-carbon hydrogen at a cost of ~ $2.0 / kg H2.