Microwave Energy for Reforming CO2 for Jet Fuel and Energy Storage

Maat Energy CO2 reuse technology converts captured CO2 into useful fuels or chemicals. Our atmospheric microwave plasma (AMP)-based process uses electrical energy to convert CO2 and CH4 into primarily CO (super-dry reforming: 3CO2 + CH4 → 4 CO + 2 H2O), maximizing the use of CO2

To create jet or other fuels, hydrogen is required, either from electrolysis or natural gas pyrolysis.  In a different application of the atmospheric microwave plasma technology, pyrolysis of natural gas or can be used to generate the hydrogen required.

The super-dry reforming technology produces low carbon intensity CO, in which up to three quarters of the carbon in the CO produced fuel comes from CO2

We have shown conversion efficiencies of >99% with high electrical efficiencies. We are implementing the process at an electrical power of 100 KW.  The 100 kW design is commercial scale, and higher throughputs are achieved using multiple 100 kW units.