Microwave to Hydrogen 

Applications & Markets

MAAT Energy's Plasma platform is ideal for Hydrogen production, and circumvents the expense and scalability issues of steam methane reforming. 

Air Transportation

Long-haul transportation fuel prices are driven by government GHG reduction targets. The drive for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) is supported by the greater airline industry with aggressive goals of 50% CO2 reduction by 2050. Sustainable aviation fuel costs are expected to rise from $66M (2020) to $15B by 2030.

Chemical Refining

Refineries rely extensively on hydrogen for de-sulfurisation of crude oil to make petrol and diesel and other chemicals. Tightening regulations limiting sulfur content for diesel, for instance, have increased hydrogen demand.


Hydrogen produced on farms could be used in fuel for equipment and to ammonia (NH3) for fertilizer. Additionally, equipment like trucks, tractors, and combines could all be powered by hydrogen.

Fuel Cell Vehicles

Convenient access to hydrogen will be critical for mass adoption of fuel cell vehicles. The platform under development by MAAT Energy will enable local hydrogen production for convenient fueling.

Independent market research confirms $16B worldwide market growing at >17% CAGR.