MAAT Energy Team

The MAAT Energy™ Team

KC Tran

Developed world class innovation teams and partnerships. Scaled large scale production of hydrogen, carbon capture, and built the world’s first CO2 to methanol plant as CEO of Carbon Recycling International. Visiting Scientist, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

Leslie Bromberg

Leading innovator in plasma reforming technologies, inventor or co-inventor on more than 50 US patents and has published more than 150 publications and conference procedings. Senior Scientist, MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

Jorj Owen
Principal Physicist

Developed plasma reactor systems for hydrogen and syngas production. Analyzed prior arts in plasma chemistry. US Patent and Trademark Office patent examiner.

Jonathan Whitlow
Principal Engineer

Developed chemical conversion and carbon separation systems, modeled techno-economics and life cycle analyses. FIT Professor of Chemical Engineering.

Physicists & Engineers developing atmospheric microwave plasma (AMP)

We're a growing team of engineers and scientists developing atmospheric microwave plasma for hydrogen and carbon, plus syngas for methanol and jet fuel. Check our Careers page for current positions.

At the demonstration installation of a gas site - Group 2 MAAT Energy - Dr jorj Owen, Physicist and Cofounder; Dr Quynh Nguyen, Physicist; Dr Benard Tabu, Physicist; and Dimitri Orfanos, Chemical Engineer